... What was appealing for us is that the Bridge Foundation can get into areas that some of the traditional relief agencies could not.  
Head of Marketing at JP Morgan in the Financial Times, June 24, 2008

USA, New Jersey

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Bridge Foundation, delivered two high-powered generators to Newark, New Jersey and truckloads of Diageo bottled water to Edison and Hillside, New Jersey in response to Hurricane Sandy which caused unprecedented damage throughout the northeast.

A pair of 280kw generators was delivered to the Newark, NJ Fire Department and Emergency Operations Center. The first was placed at the Geraldine Gigi Foushee retirement home, an elderly facility in the heart of Newark. The more than 900 residents were without power for more than five days and the generator, which went online only two days after Sandy left, was used to power the HVAC system, lights ­ and most importantly ­ the elevators for this 11-story building. With power restored residents were also able to recharge batteries for wheelchairs and a myriad of other necessary medical devices.

The second generator was placed at Engine Company 16 in Newark, where Firefighters usually operate three fireboats to patrol the Passaic River. Their role changed significantly over Sandy's duration as the boats are being used to extract residents from their flooded homes and other locations along the lower Hudson River and to deliver emergency equipment to locations inaccessible by land.


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