... most importantly, Bridge Foundation shares a wholehearted dedication to saving lives and relieving suffering through its considerable experience in the international, governmental and private sectors ...  
Rabih Torbay, International Medical Corps.

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In August 2004, Bridge Foundation began its response to the unprecedented hurricane season beginning with Hurricane Charley.

Bridge Foundation began their response in delivering the first of three high capacity generators to Wauchula, Florida, and restored power to local water substations in order to provide potable water for the local community. The generators also powered the Landfill of Wauchula which enabled the county to further process garbage, as well as power the local animal shelter.

Bridge Foundation began its response to Hurricane Frances by pre-positioning four high capacity Generators in anticipation of the hurricane's landfall along Florida's Gold coast.

The first generator was used in Palm Bay, Florida to power up its utilities plant. The generator was used to restart electrical grid substations as well as power several water pumping stations.

Two additional generators were utilized at the Port Saint Lucie Primeville Utilities Plant. The generators were used to provide power to several wells and pumping stations enabling St. Lucie County residents to receive potable water only a few short hours after Hurricane Frances' devastating winds departed.

The Fourth generator was utilized at the Willie B. Ellis Police Sub Station of the Fort Pierce Police Department. This area is one of the poorest neighborhoods of Fort Pierce.


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