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Connecticut Foundation Delivers Power to Alabama Hurricane Victims

Thursday, 23 September 2004 00:00

New Canaan, CT - Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut based humanitarian relief organization, supplied two 200kw high capacity generators to Alabama's Gulf Coast region in response to Hurricane Ivan.


Bridge Foundation principals, Stephen Skakel and Andrew Hannah were on the ground in Mobile as Ivan made landfall during the evening hours of September 15th.

One generator was used within hours of Ivan's landfall to provide power to the City of Mobile's Police Headquarters. The generator ensured that power was restored to this critical facility as rapidly as possible. The Mobile County Water, Sewer, Fire & Protection Authority used the second generator to power the municipal water supply for the town of Alabama Port in the heavily damaged area along the Gulf Coast south of Mobile. Potable drinking water was restored to some 12,000 people by 4:00pm on Thursday, September 16th, the effects of Ivan having abated just hours before.

This donation marked the fourth in a series of projects to assist communities battered by the history setting hurricane season of 2004. Through Diageo's generosity and support, Bridge Foundation has responded in rapid succession to Florida and Alabama communities devastated by Hurricane's Charley, Frances and Ivan. Additionally, Bridge Foundation has airlifted more than 100,000 pounds of humanitarian assistance to the people of Grenada and Jamaica following Ivan's destructive path.

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