... by partnering with the Bridge Foundation and the financial community they are successfully delivering essential medicine and life saving aid to those directly affected by the conflict in Darfur and the surrounding regions.  
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Bridge Foundation Delivering Urgently Needed Supplies to Indonesian Victims Ravaged by Tsunami

Monday, 10 January 2005 00:00

Update: New Canaan's Bridge Foundation delivering assistance to Sumatra, Indonesia for those devastated by tidal wave in southern Asia.

New Canaan, CT – Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut-based humanitarian relief organization announced it's 2nd air shipment for the victims of the tsunami. The shipment will go from Bridge Foundation's warehouse in Amsterdam to Jakarta, Indonesia for onward carriage to Banda Aceh. The supplies will help victims of the recent tsunami caused by the largest earthquake in more than 40 years that has brought the death toll to more than 150,000.


Bridge Foundation's first shipment of an Emergency Health Kit which provides basic healthcare requirements for 10,000 people for 90 days arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka on December 30th. The kit includes basic medications, antibiotics, wound dressings, sutures, syringes, casting material and other medical supplies.

"Bridge Foundation is proud to deliver much needed supplies to aid the people of Indonesia during this difficult time," said Stephen Skakel, Bridge Foundation Director.

The shipment is scheduled to depart on Tuesday January 11th from the Netherlands. The shipment will consist of essential hydrophilic bandages and antibiotics to address the needs of thousands who have received lacerations.

Bridge Foundation will be partnering with the Santa Monica based International Medical Corps. Bridge Foundation is currently working on additional shipments to assist victims in Indonesia.

Donations are requested to assist in providing additional support to the region. Days after the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the Indonesian coast, causing more than 150,000 fatalities. The unprecedented tidal wave has devastated the lives of millions from Southern Asia to the Horn of Africa, leaving countless families homeless. The coming days will be critical as many remote areas have yet to be reached by emergency responders.

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