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Connecticut Foundation Delivering Urgently Needed Supplies to Lebanon

Monday, 25 April 2005 00:00

Update: New Canaan's Bridge Foundation delivering assistance to Lebanon in response to those affected by Cedar Revolution.

New Canaan, CT – Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut-based humanitarian relief organization announced it is sending an air shipment to Lebanon. The medical supplies will be shipped from Bridge Foundation's warehouse in Amsterdam. Lebanon struggles to get back on its feet after more than twenty years of civil war that has devastated the country. Continuing civil unrest and more than 500,000 refugees have strained the healthcare infrastructure to the point of collapse.


The highly-charged events of the last two months resulting in withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, termed the "Cedar Revolution", offers the nation to a unique opportunity for independence and freedom.

The supplies will help the faltering healthcare system as Lebanon struggles to regain true sovereignty after decades of turmoil and occupation. Bridge Foundation's shipment will include antibiotics, antibacterials, antimicrobials, anti-tuberculin agents and vitamins.

"Bridge Foundation is proud to deliver critically needed supplies to aid the people of Lebanon during this difficult time," said Andrew Hannah, Bridge Foundation Managing Director.

The shipment is scheduled to depart on Thursday April 28th from the Netherlands.

Bridge Foundation will be partnering with the Complexe Hospitalier Du Sud in Saida, Lebanon. Bridge Foundation is currently working on additional shipments to assist the people of Lebanon as the struggle during these uncertain times.

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