By working with the Bridge Foundation ... the project hopes to raise more awareness of the crisis while also offering help to the refugees.  
New York Times, October 3, 2007

Connecticut Foundation responds to hostilities in Lebanon

Monday, 14 August 2006 00:00

Update: New Canaan's Bridge Foundation responds to those affected by Middle East conflict in Lebanon.

New Canaan, CT – Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut-based humanitarian relief organization staff members in Larnaca, Cyprus and Beirut, Lebanon coordinated sea transportation to assist those affected by hostilities in Lebanon in evacuating the country. With successful evacuations over the weekend, Bridge Foundation has focused attention on the provision of humanitarian assistance.


Lebanon had been struggling to get back on its feet after more than twenty years of civil war that has devastated the country. Great strides had been made after the April 2005 'Cedar Revolution' in getting Lebanon on the path to freedom and development. With more than 500,000 refugees remaining in Lebanon from the civil war has caused great strain on the healthcare infrastructure to the point of collapse. The current round of fighting between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters in the south have set Lebanon back decades.

In the coming days, Bridge Foundation will distribute almost 30 metric tons of flour in partnership with Beirut based Indevco Foundation. The flour, for bread making, will distributed to the displaced families from the South, Nabatiye, Western and Central Bekaa provinces, and the Southern suburbs of Beirut. The Bridge Foundation worked with 11 local NGOs and distributed enough flour for 40,000 persons. Additionally, in the coming days hygiene products, including nearly 70,000 diapers, are being distributed through the above outlined channels.

The Flour was made possible through Diageo North America's generosity and support. Bridge Foundation was pleased to again partner with Diageo North America in assisting the people of Lebanon get back on their feet.

"Bridge Foundation is proud to aid the people of Lebanon during this difficult time," said Andrew Hannah, Bridge Foundation Managing Director.

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