... we work with the Bridge Foundation, an NGO that's really expert in disaster relief. We developed strong relations with these partners.  
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Bridge Foundation Announces $2 million – 2007 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment for Darfur

Sunday, 30 September 2007 00:00

New Canaan, Connecticut - Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut based humanitarian relief organization announced its partnership with "The Darfur Project." Bridge Foundation will help implement The Darfur Project's 2007 commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative intended to provide urgent help to women, children and elderly forced from their homes and villages by the continuing violence in the Darfur States of Sudan. The Darfur Project's Founder Christine Ward will announce this new initiative during the upcoming Clinton Global Initiative meeting in October.


The CGI commitment is to provide essential humanitarian aid, via airlift, to Darfur, Chad and Central African Republic to assist those directly affected by the ongoing conflict. Although difficult to quantify we hope to positively affect the lives of approximately 1 – 2 million people. Target populations include Sudan, Chad ad Central African Republic. The commitment is for one year with a budget of $2,000,0000.

The following are remarks from former President William J. Clinton atthe Opening Plenary of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York Cityon September 26, 2007:

"Now I want to ask William Demchak, the Vice Chairman of PNC; Andrew Feldstein, the CEO and CIO of Blue Mountain Capital; Christine Ward, Global Ambassador of Tonic; and William McDonald, the Vice-Chairman of Merrill Lynch, to come up. In addition to the organizations I just mentioned, the Goldman Sachs Foundation is also involved in this commitment. Thank you, thank you so much.

This is a commitment worth two million dollars to provide essential humanitarian aid by air lift to Chad and Darfur to directly reach those affected by the ongoing conflict. This is a very interesting thing; this commitment grew out of last year's CGI, and Christine Ward's attendance at the Darfur session we had last year. It will fund eight private air lifts of humanitarian cargo and goods in Sudan and Chad, working with the Bridge Foundation to ensure that the partners are able to deliver the aid quickly and efficiently to the region.

The partners in this commitment are looking for other organizations to work with them to fill the planes with essential supplies, including medicine, solar flashlights, and school supplies. The first plane, which served as a pilot for the program sent medicine to treat over 20,000 people, and supplied 10,000 units of oral rehydration salts to fight dehydration from diarrhea. The first four flights will be completed by the end of 2007; the second four by April, so this will quickly unfold.

I just want to say this is an example of the kind of thing that I hoped would come out of CGI; that people would come here, learn more about a given issue, and then decide to take specific and timely action. So I want to applaud all these people, thank them for what they're doing, and urge those of you who are interested to join them. If you want to send something over there, you now have a good plane to send it on. Thank you very much and congratulations."

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