... [The] Clinton Global Initiative, a charitable project launched by the former US president ... decided to work with Bridge Foundation, a non-government group with direct experience of helping refugees.  
Financial Times, June 24, 2008

Bridge Foundation continues aid to Darfur refugees who have fled to neighboring Chad

Tuesday, 15 July 2008 00:00

New Canaan, Connecticut – Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut based humanitarian relief organization announced its 4th humanitarian flight to assist those affected by on-going hostilities in the war-torn Darfur region of Sudan who have fled to neighboring Chad.


Bridge Foundation's airlift to Abeche, Chad is part of The Darfur Project's Clinton Global Initiative commitment for 2008 to help women, children and elderly displaced by the conflict in Darfur and Eastern Chad and follows on Bridge's project in Nyala, Sudan in April.

Bridge Foundation's partner in Sudan and Chad, International Medical Corps, will utilize the shipment in its programs throughout the region. In the face of growing displacement and escalating violence IMC continues to provide lifesaving primary and secondary health care to over 60,000 Sudanese refugees and 110,000 conflict-affected Chadians.

Bridge Foundation staff visited hospitals and clinics while in Chad including Guereda Hospital (100 miles northeast of Abeche) and Gaga Refugee Camp located near the Sudanese border. Gaga Camp is one of the largest in Chad with more than 25,000 refugees. Since fighting began in May estimates of more than 40,000 new refugees have entered camps along the Darfur border.

Due to the onset of the rainy season and increased fighting within Chad in May, the medicines supplied through this flight will be used to treat malaria and other chronic illnesses.

This is the fourth of several planned flights to the region. The next flight is planned for Darfur, Sudan in October 2008.

"Bridge Foundation is proud to deliver much needed supplies to help those affected by the hostilities in Darfur," said Stephen Skakel, Bridge Foundation Managing Director. "We could not have had a better partner than IMC."

The airlift arrived on Tuesday July 15th at 8:00 a.m. into Abeche Airport, eastern Chad. The flight delivered approximately 10,500 kilos of medical relief including antibiotic, anti-malarial, and anti-protozoal drugs, intravenous solutions,pediatric vitamins and other essential drugs and medical supplies.

International Medical Corps and Bridge Foundation staff met the airlift and helped to ensure the rapid deployment of supplies to the areas most in need.

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