... I have firsthand knowledge and personal experience of [Bridge Foundation's] work in Kosovo, Albania, Turkey and Afghanistan. They were solely responsible for getting more than 25 airlifts into Albania and Kosovo during the Balkan conflict.  
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Connecticut Foundation Delivers Emergency Aid in Response to Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan

Wednesday, 11 August 2010 00:00

New Canaan, Connecticut – Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan,Connecticut based humanitarian relief organization announced it is delivering essential drugs and medical supplies to the millions affected by the unprecedented flooding in Pakistan. According to PBS News Hour..."the flooding has inundated a land area larger than New England leaving more than 14 million people homeless with thousands dead."


The first shipment of supplies will depart Amsterdam Thursday August 12th with additional shipments to follow. Bridge Foundation is supporting International Medical Corps and local healthcare providers throughout the affected region.

Nearly one-fifth of the country is submerged and the annual monsoon season remains in full force. According to UNHCR, almost 58,000 square miles are under water.

"Bridge Foundation has provided humanitarian assistance to Pakistan since 2004 and is pleased to help the Pakistani people during this desperate hour. Authorities expect the floodwaters to continue to rise over the next month as the monsoon season continues", said Stephen Skakel, Bridge Foundation Managing Director.

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