By working with the Bridge Foundation ... the project hopes to raise more awareness of the crisis while also offering help to the refugees.  
New York Times, October 3, 2007

Bridge Foundation Responding to Libya Crisis as Refugees Flood Egypt and Tunisian Borders

Monday, 14 March 2011 00:00

Thousands Wounded and Dead — Street-Fighting Creating Dire Conditions

New Canaan, Connecticut - Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan,Connecticut based humanitarian relief organization announced it is responding to the humanitarian crisis resulting in thousands of refugees fleeing the Egyptian and Tunisian borders.


Women, children and elderly are affected very quickly as civil infrastructure breaks down. The international community is responding to increasing numbers of refugees and those seeking safety. Humanitarian organizations are the only source of assistance according to US State Department reports. Normal government services have disappeared while Ghadafi forces continue attacks across the country.

"Bridge Foundation is seeking donations to help it continue to supply vitally needed medicines," stated Bridge Foundation Director, Stephen Skakel.

Bridge Foundation is planning to send veteran relief workers familiar with the region to assess the situation and oversea incoming shipments of humanitarian supplies.

The ongoing-armed conflict between anti-government protesters and Col. Muammarel-Qaddafi's forces has spread throughout the country in recent days creating amass of refugees in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia.

The UN Refugee Agency reports that among the Egyptians, Tunisians and other nationals attempting to return to their homelands, at least 55,000 are crossing into Egypt and 40,000 are crossing into Tunisia, with many others moving into two transit camps that have sprung up along the Libyan border.

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