By working with the Bridge Foundation ... the project hopes to raise more awareness of the crisis while also offering help to the refugees.  
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Bridge Continues Efforts in Nepal

Friday, 15 May 2015 16:14

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Bridge Foundation Continues Efforts After Devastating Nepal Earthquakes

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Staff from Bridge Foundation, the New Canaan, Connecticut-based humanitarian relief organization, are on their way back to the US from earthquake-stricken Nepal after overseeing emergency shipmentsof two Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK).


Each kit provides basic healthcare support for 10,000 people for 90 days. They are basically hospitals-in-a-box. The kit includes basic medications, antibiotics, wound dressings, sutures, syringes, casting material and other medical supplies tailored for this specific disaster.
Due to the severity of the quakes, roads and trails throughout the Valley west of Kathmandu eastward upward toward the Mt. Everest Base Camp, became inaccessible by vehicle and helicopters were dispatched to deliver doctors and supplies to the impacted areas.

Bridge Foundation was able to provide these life-saving supplies through its partnership with its corporate sponsor, Diageo the world's leading premium spirits, wine and beer company.
Prior to departing the US, Bridge Foundation began discussions with New York based NGO Dooley Intermed International's President Scott W. Hamilton, who has a successful track record of work in Nepal through their partnership with Mission Himalaya.

With Scott's assistance, Mission Himalaya provided Bridge Foundation with in-country logistics and support.
The non-profit Mission Himalaya organization, and its President Bibhuti Thakur, have been indispensable. Mission Himalaya has played a critical role and continues to be a key asset to the region as they deliver tents, tarps and other equipment. Mission Himalaya also created and delivered several "Hot Kitchens" to local villages.

These community kitchens are essential for the thousands of displaced families who, while living in temporary shelters, could cook meals. Bridge Foundation was able to assist with one Hot Kitchen by procuring local commodities sufficient to feed approximately 200 people in the Kashi Gaon village from 10 days up to two weeks.

Bridge Foundation's Gary Galanis was on the ground in Kathmandu to oversee distribution. "It is one of our prime missions for Bridge Foundation to be able to provide a basic human necessity as these people struggle to get their homes and lives stabilized," Galanis said. "With the upcoming monsoon season only a month away, citizens of Nepal are rushing to prepare."

Additionally, Bridge will provide a shipment of essential drugs and medical supplies for a Dooley Intermed medical team departing New York in the coming days. They will partner with Mission Himalaya to utilize the supplies in medical programs in the impacted areas.

"Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya have been great resources, but more importantly, we have become friends," Galanis said. "No need to reinvent the wheel. To ensure success, you need to partner with the people who understand and know the area, its people and their customs. Working with the wonderful people of Nepal, we were able to be much more efficient and effective" he added.
Bridge is continuing discussions concerning several other projects in Nepal. Once the news crews and reporters leave, and the earthquakes slip from the headlines, it is essential to continue a dialogue and create actionable mid- and long-term plans.

About Bridge Foundation:
Bridge Foundation, an IRS registered 501c(3) organization, has been a vital asset to people in need around the world delivering medical and nutritional aid in times of natural – and manmade – disasters. Bridge Foundation provides humanitarian assistance directly to people in need, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation. Bridge Foundation provides immediate humanitarian response -- including support to community medical practitioners with much-needed essential drugs, medical supplies and nutritional supplements along with training and health education. With their long-standing global relationships, Bridge Foundation is able to accomplish its missions by acquiring vast human resources, material and medical supplies available from developed nations -- and "bridging" with community-based healthcare and aid providers in developing countries and regions everywhere around the world. Because of Bridge's extensive global humanitarian experience, relationships, logistical network and understanding of specific country protocols, Bridge Foundation knows how to navigate through time-wasting red tape allowing them to be on the ground first to administer assistance -- from Darfur to Afghanistan to Haiti – to the Jersey Shore, Long Island and the Gulf Coast – Bridge Foundation and their partners continue to make a difference.
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