... [The] Clinton Global Initiative, a charitable project launched by the former US president ... decided to work with Bridge Foundation, a non-government group with direct experience of helping refugees.  
Financial Times, June 24, 2008

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United Nations Missions in Sudan

Thursday, 04 October 2007

int-unmis"With help from the Bridge Foundation, PNC and a list of other well-heeled Wall Street players are putting up millions to support eight private airlifts of essential drugs and medical relief over the next six months. The goal is to mitigate the effects of a crisis now responsible for the deaths of 200,000-400,000 people and the displacement of 2.5 million refugees,..."

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PNC effort sends medical supplies to ravaged Darfur

Thursday, 04 October 2007

int-ppg"...the [Darfur] project was recently highlighted by former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative forum in New York."

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An Airlift of Private Planes to Darfur, Not the Hamptons

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

int-nyt"By working with the Bridge Foundation, a small nongovernment group that has expertise in providing humanitarian relief, the project hopes to raise more awareness of the crisis while also offering help to the refugees."

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Financial Firms Partner to Help Darfur

Monday, 06 August 2007

int-pnd"... the Darfur Project, will pay for eight private airlifts over the next six months to deliver antibiotics and other medical supplies to refugees in the war-ravaged region ... the project will work with the Bridge Foundation ... to raise more awareness of the crisis and offer help to refugees."

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Diageo Spirit of America

Saturday, 07 May 2005

int-thr"The Bridge Foundation does not believe in a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to humanitarian aid. It tailors the aid being delivered to the needs of each community and each crisis situation by working with local officials and consignees... [they work] with experts and local officials to determine what supplies are needed most in the affected area..."

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