... I have firsthand knowledge and personal experience of [Bridge Foundation's] work in Kosovo, Albania, Turkey and Afghanistan. They were solely responsible for getting more than 25 airlifts into Albania and Kosovo during the Balkan conflict.  
Skender Ghilaga, President, Services Group International, Inc.

The Darfur Project

Case Study: Partnership - Planning – Execution


Darfur is widely considered and recognized as the most intractable Complex Humanitarian Emergency (CHE) in the world today. Precise estimates of the total number of people affected by this ongoing crisis vary, but its toll on more than 4 million people over the years - including 2.7 million estimated to be currently displaced from their homes - continues in the forms of disease, malnutrition and violence.

Despite continuing diplomatic and political efforts toward peace, humanitarian endeavors become more complicated with each passing day. Of the millions who have been dependent on international aid for their survival, the U.N. estimates that more than half a million people are currently cut off from humanitarian assistance. These people, however, could be reached, with increased support and commitments.



The Darfur Project is a private collaboration of individuals and (primarily) financial firms who have chosen to address the situation by sponsoring direct airlift operations into the region, delivering and distributing medical and other supplies. Founded in 2007, and shortly thereafter becoming a Clinton Global Initiative effort, the Darfur Project is providing essential humanitarian aid, via airlift, to Darfur, Sudan and Eastern Chad to assist women, children and elderly forced from their homes and villages by the increasingly violent conflict.

Bridge operated four dedicated airlift directly into Darfur and two additional dedicated flights into Eastern Chad. Almost a dozen additional smaller air shipments to Central African Republic, South Sudan and Darfur are also part of the project. Even though the CGI commitment ended in 2010, support to the region continues to this day.

The ever-evolving requirements in the numerous camps throughout Darfur and along the Chad border necessitate targeted assistance.

Bridge Foundation again partnered with the International Medical Corps (IMC) to provide essential drugs, medical supplies and nutritional supplements throughout Darfur. The programs benefit a population of more than 450,000 – 75 percent of them internally displaced– in West and South Darfur alone. Outreach services include: primary health care,secondary health care (including surgery), maternal and child care, expanded immunization, health promotion, nutritional screening and therapeutic and supplemental feeding, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.


Unprecedented support among the financial community allowing Bridge Foundation to deliver:

  • Enough antihelmintic’s (Mebendazole) to treat 51,300 people for parasites and various worm infections
  • Enough Antibiotics to treat more than 73,250 people for various infections
  • Enough F-100 to produce 17,280 liters of Therapeutic Milk for the use in the rehabilitation phase of severely malnourished children and adults
  • Enough multivitamins & nutritionals to treat 53,500 children every day for a month
  • IV bags for 71,000 fluid-replenishment treatments to relieve effects of dysentery or surgery 130,000 disposable syringes and needles
  • Enough Oral Rehydration therapy to produce 123,000 treatments to combat diarrhea that is a leading cause of mortality for those under five.

Donor / Sponsor / Media Feedback

“…by partnering with the Bridge Foundation and the financial community…they are successfully delivery essential medicine and life saving aid to those directly affected by the conflict in Darfur and the surrounding regions.”
William J. Clinton
42nd President of the United States
Bridge Foundation May 21, 2008 Darfur Event-NYC

“…By working with the Bridge Foundation…partners are able to deliver aid quickly and efficiently.”
William J. Clinton
42nd President of the United States
CGI Annual Meeting 2008 September
Opening remarks

" What was appealing for us is that the Bridge Foundation can get into areas that some of the traditional relief agencies could not," says Kristin Lemkau, head of marketing for JPMorgan, which is now matching all employee contributions….”
– Financial Times, 24 June 2008

“By working with the Bridge Foundation, a small nongovernmental group that has expertise in providing humanitarian relief, the project hopes to raise more awareness of the crisis while also offering help to the refugees. What distinguishes the organization from other nongovernment partnerships is its backers: BlueMountain Capital Management, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and PNC Financial.”
– New York Times, 3 October 2007

“It is also somewhat unusual for Wall Street executives to share credit on a charitable project. "Corporate philanthropy is often driven by the interests of your customers and desire to strengthen your reputation," said Mark Kramer, managing director of FSG Social Impact Advisors, a nonprofit consulting firm that works with companies. "It is rare to see [corporations] working on...a tough, unpleasant issue...that is pretty far removed from their core customer base."
-Philanthropy News Digest, 6 October, 2007

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