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Rabih Torbay, International Medical Corps.

Case Studies

Partnership - Planning – Execution
Bridge Foundation’s Immediate Response to Hurricane Isaac, Louisiana, August, 2012


Hurricane Isaac made landfall at 6:45 pm CDT on August 28, 2012, just southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River with winds measuring upwards to 80 mph. Two days earlier on the 26th, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency. The governors of Mississippi and Florida followed suit. Later that day, reports of exposed levees in Louisiana began surfacing from local news outlets. Crews were reportedly dispatched to cover the exposed dirt with heavy plastic and fill gaps in the levees. A mandatory evacuation was ordered for St. Charles Parish and for the east bank of Plaquemines Parish and in Lafourche Parish below the Leon Theriot floodgates in Golden Meadow. Additionally, more than 4,000 National Guard troops were activated in the state.


A catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti at approximately 4:56 pm on January 12, 2010, with the epicenter only 16 miles west of Port Au Prince, the small island nations’ capitol. The death toll, first estimated to be over 220,000, the Haitian government estimated casualties closer to 316,000. As for physical damage, more than 250,000 residential buildings including homes and apartment buildings, and 30,000 commercial buildings, had either collapsed or were heavily damaged.

Case Study: Partnership - Planning – Execution


Darfur is widely considered and recognized as the most intractable Complex Humanitarian Emergency (CHE) in the world today. Precise estimates of the total number of people affected by this ongoing crisis vary, but its toll on more than 4 million people over the years - including 2.7 million estimated to be currently displaced from their homes - continues in the forms of disease, malnutrition and violence.

Despite continuing diplomatic and political efforts toward peace, humanitarian endeavors become more complicated with each passing day. Of the millions who have been dependent on international aid for their survival, the U.N. estimates that more than half a million people are currently cut off from humanitarian assistance. These people, however, could be reached, with increased support and commitments.


In the early-morning hours on Sunday, March 4, 2012, multiple explosions began on the edge of the capital city of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Because of an electrical fire, the largest arms depot in Congo exploded -- killing more than 250 and leaving 2500 injured -- many with second and third degree burns.

The devastating explosions destroyed a large part of the capital and damaged the neighboring city of Kinshasa -- situated almost six miles across the river.

In an instant, Brazzaville was leveled and more than 14,000 residents were left homeless.

Diageo and Bridge Foundation Supports Evacuees of Hurricane's
Katrina and Rita with Baileys and Crown Royal Mobile Barbershops


Furthering a commitment to Hurricane's Katrina and Rita relief efforts that sent truckloads of bottled water and large industrial power generators to the Gulf Coast region, Diageo, the world's leading premium drinks company, deployed special mobile versions of its Crown Royal Barbershop and Baileys Beauty Shop to benefit evacuees displaced by the disaster.

The community barbershop, which has traditionally been a hub where people gather to discuss issues affecting their community, is also considered a therapeutic place that supports ones' social and emotional health and well-being.

The barbershop concept, branded with Baileys and Crown Royal, was an opportunity to make a major impact on the community by providing evacuees with a clean and fresh cut. Next to reconnecting and reuniting evacuees to their lost families and friends, the objective was to provide many of the evacuees with a sense of being home.

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